10 Amazing Benefits of Dragon Fruit and Its Side Effects

Dragon fruit is not a random fruit that is available in every market and not many people like it. They belong to the cactus family having a bright pink color scaly outer cover and it has white or pink pulp filled with seeds. It has many benefits of Dragon Fruit and also has many names like dragon crystals, dragon scales, dragon pearl fruit, etc. Its sweet taste is as exotic as its look. If you want to eat this fruit then you have to peel its outer red cover and eat it fresh. All you have to do is take the dragon fruit and peel the outer cover. Then slice down the white pulp into small pieces and then eat it. It is the best way to eat dragon fruit.

Dragon fruit is also known as pitaya in India, is filled with all kinds of nutrients, antioxidants, and minerals. These nutrients and minerals are very essential for the body. It is good for gut health, it can help in proper digestion and moreover, it has the tendency to prevent cancer. This may be a sweet fruit but is very beneficial for diabetic patients. There are so many Benefits Of Dragon Fruit and therefore it should be included in our diet.

1. Good For Gut

Dragon fruit contains a lot of nutrients and also has oligosaccharides in abundance, which is prebiotic. According to the research, oligosaccharides helps in the growth of bifidobacteria and lactobacillus. As this prebiotics promotes good bacteria therefore, they are best for gut health.

2. Helps in Proper Digestion

In today’s world, we are more attracted to junk food and unhealthy food which affects our digestive health. Therefore, dragon fruits are recommended by dieticians for proper digestion. According to them, dragon fruit contains high-quality fiber which is important for digestion. It also reduces the problem of obesity. It is recommended to have only seven grams of dragon fruit daily which is equivalent to one cup.

3. Gives Immunity 

To fight diseases, our immune system should be strong and therefore it requires antioxidants. Dragon fruit has plenty of antioxidants, like vitamin C, which helps in boosting the immune system. Antioxidants also help our body to avoid cell damage. It also prevents us from severe cough and cold.

4. Prevents Cancer

Dragon fruit is a magical fruit which helps in preventing certain types of cancer and cardiovascular disease. It has an antioxidant, hydroxycinnamates, which helps in preventing cancer. In research, it has been found that dragon fruit contains lycopene. Lycopene is essential for protecting us from harmful natural and chemical toxins.

5. Stabilizes Blood Sugar

The high-quality fiber that are there in dragon fruit not only helps in digestion but also stabilizes blood sugar level. These Benefits Of Dragon Fruit not only limited to blood sugar balancing but it prevents many other diseases. It is essential for a diabetic patient to eat dragon fruit as it naturally provides insulin in the body. But it should be consumed only one cup a day and not more than that.

6. Healthy Heart

Dragon fruit is filled with nutrients and antioxidants which is great for a healthy heart. Its red pulp has betalains which are also used to reduce bad cholesterol level. The seeds of dragon fruit have insane benefits on your heart. it contains a high level of omega-3 and omega -9 which is generally found in fishes.

7. Happy Skin

We all want healthy and glowing skin and surprisingly dragon fruit can help you to get that. It has vitamin C which can reduce dark spots and gives a younger-looking skin. And also gives a naturally glowing skin. This exotic fruit is therefore used for beauty as a natural remedy. Many people make a sooth paste of the flesh of dragon fruit. They apply this paste on their face to slow down the aging process. This paste also helps to treat sunburn and acne spots. These are a great 

8. Boosts Iron Levels

One of the most important substance is Iron. Iron is essential as it transports oxygen throughout our body and organs. It is also important for many intricate processes of the body like growth, metabolism, and development. Dragon fruits can boost iron level.

9. Healthy Bones

Healthy bones need magnesium and calcium for strong skeletal system. Dragon fruit has an abundance of magnesium in it and therefore it should be consumed daily. It is recommended to eat only 80 gm (one cup) of dragon fruit. 

10. High In Potassium

Dragon fruit is loaded with minerals that are essential for our body. One of the mineral is Potassium which maintains the structure of the bone. Potassium is also vital for electrical, cellular and nervous functions of the body. In other words, potassium helps in maintaining ph level, the water content in our body.

Side Effects of Dragon Fruit

Although, there are so many Benefits Of Dragon Fruit but it does have some side effects. The side effects are not that harmful but it should be there in the mind.

It is recommended that you should consume a limited amount of dragon fruit almost one cup daily, not more than that. Because your body won’t be able to digest more than that. Some people might be allergic to dragon fruits, so it is recommended not to eat it.

Also consuming too much of dragon fruit can result in red color urine and stool. However, it is not dangerous and in fact, it is temporary. If you consume one cup of dragon fruit daily then you have a strong and healthy body as well as skin. 


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