Infections Of Ears And Their Causes

There are many infections, which can occur in the ear and cause hearing loss in people. Most infections affect kids that are why kids complain about pain in their ear more than adults do. If the kid is an infant or even if he cannot speak a little bit at the age of 7 to 12 months, you need to give a close attention and observe. If he is tugging his ears or scratching them constantly, that means he is facing ear infection. Some people do not take these things seriously; they thought that the child is doing this because he is hungry or just young. However, the reality can be very dangerous. In infection, sometimes, the fluid comes out of the ear of the kid. He will act irritated and will not a response to any sound. All these symptoms point out the ear infection. Mostly this infection happens in kids because of the angle of the canal known as Eustachian tube, which changes with the age.

Swimmer’s Ear

This problem occurs because of constant moisture or scratching. Swimmers or those people who live in the water most times have this problem. Some people do not care while having bath and water can go in their ear, which can also cause this problem. Some people wear hearing aids or headphones all the time and they do not give a break to their ear that can lead to hearing loss. People who have this problem feel itching in the ear all the time or fluid might drain out of their ear. It can be treated with the help of eardrops but it is important to contact the doctor as soon as possible.

Impacted Earwax

Sometimes too much earwax can cause infection or pain in the ear. Normally ear clean the earwax on their own; they have been designed like that but in some situation that does not happen and it can lead to a hearing problem. Some people try to remove it on their own by using different things, which can cause damage that is more serious.  Doctors have special equipment to clean the ear wax it is better to visit a clinic.

Cauliflower Ear

This problem happens mostly with wrestlers. This occurs due to too much hit or break of the ear. The break or hit can cause a blood clot in the ear, which leads to a weird look of the ear. This problem is way too serious than it seems because it can lead to hearing loss.


This problem cause buzzing or ringing in the ear. Mostly this problem is an age factor but it can also happen to youngsters because of too much earwax. There are medicines to treat this problem but it can be very serious. There can be many reasons for this problem. Many of them can be unrelated to ears. The doctor can find out the real reason behind this problem.

Meniere’s Disease

In this problem, the patient feels a constant ringing in the ear. The patient will also feel fluid in his ear. This problem can cause dizziness. This problem does not happen because of any particular reason. There can be many things, which can cause it.

All these infections can cause constant hearing loss. Some of these problems can be treated but in some case people need hearing aid audiologist suggest them so that people can listen to at least a little bit to understand the world.