Your Ultimate Guide to Brow Lift

Looking into the mirror, you may notice your face giving off incorrect impression of your feelings. This is because the forehead and the eyes play such a prominent role in communicating emotions and anything affecting these features may therefore relay an improper signal. For instance, you may have a heavy, sagging brow that makes you look unhappy or tired. If this is you, then a brow lift is the right procedure that will give you a lasting solution. Learn all you can below about brow lift surgery and why it may be appropriate for you.

Brow Lift Surgery and Why You Should Have It

Also known as a forehead lift, a brow lift basically rejuvenates the face above the eyes leading to a restored look which is more refreshed and one that reflects your natural vibrancy. By removing excess sagging, brow lift corrects a heavy brow and eliminates deep furrows. It can also reposition any underlying tissues and muscles on your face.

You may wonder why a brow lift is appropriate for you. The argument is that an aging forehead has certain facial expressions that make you look worried, constantly tired, or even angry when you are actually not. Also, some people are genetically inclined to have a thicker, heavier brow that gives them a frowning face even when their feelings are the direct opposite.

With a brow lift, you can address all of the above issues thereby living a more refreshed life and experience lots of other positive changes.

How to Choose a Brow Lift Surgeon

Sites such as have tons of materials including videos that give you a one-on-one graphic feel of the brow lift procedure. However, to get the same picture-perfect finish as that shown in the videos, you need a cosmetic surgeon who is knowledgeable and has a keen eye for cosmetic detail. Some surgeons have this innate ability to adjust their techniques to achieve results that are in sync with the ethnicity, gender, age, as well as unique facial features of the patient.

As you consult your cosmetic surgeons, you may also want to look at the before and after photos especially of clients whose look resembles yours. Inasmuch as brow lift results are highly individualized, peeping into the past work of your potential surgeon is the best indicator of his aesthetic style.

Types of Brow Lift

There are three main types of brow lift techniques you should be aware of. The choice of one and not the other is totally dependent on the unique anatomy, goals, and the extent of corrections required to achieve the intended results.

Endoscopic Brow Lift

This is one of the brow lift techniques that is increasingly being used by cosmetic surgeons thanks to its less invasive nature. Short incisions are made behind the hairline and then the muscles and underlying forehead tissue are lifted and repositioned with the help of a tiny camera and some thin instruments.

Limited or Temporal Incision Brow Lift

Compared to endoscopic brow lift, the incisions here are much longer and the procedure is performed together with eyelid surgery.

The last type of brow lift is the classic or coronal brow lift which has generally fallen out of preference. This is because modern less invasive techniques have come into play leading to shorter incisions and minimal removal of tissue and fat. It takes about 4 weeks to resume to your normal day-to-day duties, but in case you have any issues coming up, you should talk to your surgeon.