Women’s Health And The Annual Physical: Taking Your Health Into Your Hands

Health is critical for anybody, but as more women engage in sporting activities, marathons, or just general working out at the gym, an annual physical is an essential component of your healthcare landscape. Many women go to their OB/GYN for their exams and other routine medical check-ups, but there are many primary care providers that can provide a thorough annual physical particular to women’s health. This can have many benefits as primary care providers usually charge less to the patient or insurers and may have a more accommodating schedule.

The female body is different than the male in some critical ways, and as a woman, you are at risk for very different diseases or illnesses. Therefore, it pays to have a physician who understands that and can give you treatment tailored specifically to you. With nearly 50% of women over 18 meeting federal fitness guidelines, there are also key factors your physician should be aware of to best advise your fitness activity.

In addition to annual physicals and primary care, many primary care physicians can provide pap smears and other healthcare services that many women primarily see an OB/GYN for, for example, http://www.tvfammed.com/womens-health/. Often, your primary care doctor is your first contact with the healthcare world, and is the one you may have the best relationship with, and that can make some of those uncomfortable procedures easier. The more likely you are to request regular check-ups and screenings for cervical cancer and other diseases the less likely you are to be caught unaware by an illness.

You may still prefer your OB/GYN for these services, and that is understandable. However, being aware of other options never hurts and just might help a woman find the care she needs.