When It’s Time To See A Urologist

Any kind of pain in the abdomen or pain while urinating can make life miserable at times. It’s important to get to the bottom of the pain that you’re experiencing as soon as possible by visiting a Houston urology clinic as any kind of infection in this area of the body can quickly spread to the kidneys or bladder. When you go to the clinic or a doctor’s office, you’ll likely be asked to give a urine sample so that it can be checked to see how high the white blood cell count is as this will usually determine if there is an infection present. There are a few other signs besides pain that you can pay attention to that might warrant a trip to a urologist.

If you see any amount of blood in your urine, it’s usually a sign of some kind of infection. It could also be a sign of a kidney stone. Blood in the urine is never a sign of something good going on with the urinary tract or any other components of this area of the body. Sometimes, blood can indicate the early stages of cancer in the kidneys or bladder.

Lumps that are felt in the abdominal area or pain that is felt near the ovaries or in the testes could indicate cancer. A urologist can perform tests to determine if cancer is present. If cancer is detected in the early stages, then it can usually be treated and cured.

Monitor the output of urine during the day compared to the input of liquids. If you don’t urinate enough to compensate for the amount of fluid that you drink, then there could be an issue with a blockage or a narrowing of one of the tubes in the urinary system. One of the first signs that something is wrong and that you need to see a urologist is a pain when urinating. This will often be a burning sensation and can be extremely uncomfortable. Any kind of infection that develops in the bladder or kidneys can work its way to the urinary tract. An antibiotic and pain medication are often prescribed by the urologist.