Take Back Your Life… No More Sinus Issues!

Sinus issues are something that many people have to deal with… for some it can be a little more extreme or difficult to have to deal with; for others sinus problems are very draining on them and it can take its toll. For some people that don’t know a difference they may just feel like they have a cold… it may feel like it’s a regular sinus issue, but that may not necessarily be the case. You may be suffering from sinusitis. This is when you have an inflammation in your sinus lining… the opening to your sinuses can become blocked; this is most often due to swelling. When this happens, drainage of mucus can occur and it can be annoying, painful and can lead to sinus infections.


When you are dealing with this on a consistent basis you be the perfect candidate for a balloon sinuplasty. You should look into this, check with your doctor and see if this is something that you may need to do so that you don’t have to deal with sinus issues like this any longer. You may not be a candidate, but if you are and if you can prevent further issues with your sinuses then why not give it a shot. It is good to try to find out and explore all of your options before making a final decision, and one of the first things you may be wondering is what a balloon sinuplasty is.

What You Need To Know

A balloon sinuplasty is a procedure that is done on your sinus area… it is safe and effective for those that deal with chronic sinusitis; if you are looking for relief from sinus pain symptoms that leave you uncomfortable and looking for a way to stop this that has a fast recovery, this is a great option you may want to consider. This procedure is said to be safe and less invasive than other treatments that are said to stop sinus issues and relieve someone of sinusitis.

In other methods you will find that the nasal bone or tissue is cut… with the balloon sinuplasty  this isn’t necessary. You will go to an ear, nose and throat specialist that inserts a balloon catheter into the sinus that is inflamed. Once that is done they will inflate the balloon so that it expands the opening of the sinus. When you have the opening expanded saline is sprayed into the sinus that is open so that pus and mucus that is in it can be flushed out. Once flushed out, the system will be removed and that will allow your sinuses to be open.

If chronic sinusitis is something that you deal with, if you’ve tried medicine and you have no relief or it seems as if it isn’t working for you, you may be someone that can benefit from having a balloon sinuplasty.Go to your doctor, or find an ear, nose and throat specialist that can give you in-depth information… you’ll be happy you did!