Occupational Therapy for Healthy Living

Occupational therapy helps people of all ages live full, active, healthy lives regardless of injury, illness or disability. Children learn to play and interact with peers at all ages. Children with sensory processing disorder get their signals mixed up and this can affect their education and long-term social development. Occupational therapy Sydney South West Kid’s Clinic can visit your child’s school or do a home visit to evaluate your child.

Sensory processing disorder is often referred to as “sensory overload”. However, children with sensory processing disorder can experience over-stimulation or under-stimulation. A child with under-stimulation might have a high pain tolerance or seek constant touching.  Children may exhibit poor self-control and even have trouble holding things, appearing clumsy. Because of all the different signs and symptoms, it is important to get a professional evaluation to begin proper therapy. ADHD and Autism are different and often misdiagnosed sensory processing disorders.

The team at South West Kid’s Clinic is experienced, caring and professional. They make sure you are comfortable before beginning their interviews with parents, children, and teachers. Following the assessment, you will get a detailed report of the treatment plan. Therapies used to treat children include therapeutic listening program, Willbarger Therapressure program, the Alert program, sensory integration, DIR/FLoortime, splinting and serial casting, equipment prescription and home medications. The therapy plan is discussed and agreed upon by all parties. Everyone works together to create a positive outcome for the child.

Other services at South West Kid’s Clinic include groups such as Fine Motor Group, Handwriting Group and All About Letters Group. Each of these groups was developed by the occupational therapists. Fine Motor group helps strengthen fingers for drawing and cutting. The Handwriting Club helps with pencil grasp, posture and letter writing. The All About Letters Group helps letter formation, sounding out words and spelling. Aquatic therapy is also used to help children with sensory issues and motor coordination. In the water, children work on developing better eye contact, muscle strength, and body awareness. The water is natural resistance and provides just the right amount of stimulation to keep the child engaged.

The first step is always to learn as much as possible about sensory processing disorder. Learn about signs, symptoms and treatment options. Keep track of your child’s behavior issues. Writing things down will help a lot during the professional assessment. The more information, the better. Reaching out to other parents of children with sensory processing disorder can be helpful too.

Don’t let fear of cost hold you back from getting your child the treatment he or she needs. South West Kid’s Clinic is a registered provider for most private health insurance funds. Medicare is another payment option. The Better Start for Children with Disabilities Initiative (Better Start) is a good option for children under age six that have been diagnosed with another disability. Children under 13 can also get their treatment funded through the Department of Health and Aging (DoHA).

A dedicated, skillful team providing the correct diagnosis and treatment is invaluable when it comes to treating a child with sensory processing disorder.