How to quickly recover after a workout

Tightened figure not only the dream of men and women but their pride. The path to this goal is not too long if you follow certain rules of training and recovery.

Not all men are prepared for the fact that after the start of training may occur pain in the muscles and the need to restore. But the pain – a natural and temporary phenomenon. After the restoration of man’s muscles become stronger, firmer, and the person may have to withstand more intense workload.

Getting to the training course, keep in mind that the recovery – it does not only measure the impact on the body after exercise. Recovery also includes a range of activities before the start of classes in their course. So, we list the main:

Sleep: Any expert will tell you that in order to recover from physical exertion needed sleep. Get enough sleep is required and prior to the course of training. After all, if you approach them in a position to embark on chronic fatigue, lack of sleep, it is unlikely that such studies will bring you the result. The consequence of such training can be a failure of the weakened body, headache. It was restful sleep is the best way to restore the body. And if a man sleeps for 4-5 hours, the muscles after a workout just will not be able to recover.

Proper nutrition: Correct daily diet man – recovery basis. After physical activity, the body needs protein and carbohydrates. It can be protein powders, meat, dairy products. However, nutritionists advise to use them in an hour after the workout. By the way, they also advise men who are actively involved in sports, not to eat 3 times a day and 4-5 times. It is important first-morning meal. Thick protein breakfast will provide a good basis for a healthy well-being during the day and the mood for training.

Necessary additive: Not always, a full food ration is sufficient for a man actively engaged in sports. A perfect complement for your body become a multivitamin and whey protein, which is digested quickly and saturates the muscles with amino acids. You should also consume Phosphatidylserine the supplement that enhances athletic performance and improve overall muscular capacity.

Gradual increase in load: Man and women want to get a quick result and are making every effort to that at the first training session, but the full impact, fatigue will not bring the good body. Then, the restoration will take much more time, effort. And if you finish your workout to the brink of exhaustion, then stop. When you have all the time after training sore muscles, you should reduce the load, reduce the occupation. Signs of exhaustion can also become weakened immunity. This is manifested in the symptoms of acute respiratory infections, rhinitis.

Drinking water: During a workout, men should drink water. It cleanses the body of toxins, supports the joints, prevents fainting.

Relaxing massage: It helps muscles recover from training. You can learn to do yourself if you wish.

Cold and hot shower: It is a great way to relieve muscle tension. After the cold constricts blood vessels, and the heat expands them. Thus, improved blood circulation throughout the body, including muscle. Moreover, after a contrast shower improves the supply of the skin with oxygen.

Bath: It is able to increase the body temperature and thereby improve blood flow. Adipose tissue after a bath gets an essential nutrients and oxygen to muscle recovery. Shower and bath should be taken before going to bed for the complete relaxation of the body. It is desirable to lay down and sleep after training a bit earlier.

So, recovery after exercise – it is a set of measures to help achieve the desired result without damage to health. Only competent approach to physical exercise will make the body stronger and younger men.