How to get Rid of Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes, if not controlled, may cause deadly diseases like Chikungunya, Malaria, Encephalitis and West Nile Virus. All it takes for these small to make you get infected with these diseases is one bite. If you are serious about doing away with these parasites, Mosquito Squad provides the best services for residents in Northeastern Indian.


The Control Company has, up to date, protected more than 100,000 backyards and eliminated the mosquitoes. The five-star reviews and thousands of thank-you notes over the years show that indeed Mosqutio Squad satisfied customers. The customers can choose, with the help of knowledgeable staff the right way to protect their yards from mosquitoes. Here are the solutions offered.

1) All-Natural Protection
All-natural means of protection provides an alternative to customers who want to avoid synthetics. It kills the parasites on contact. This all-natural treatment method also acts as a repellant for an extra two weeks. If the plan doesn’t satisfy your needs, you can always try the others.

2) Automatic Misting Systems
This method of mosquito control is one of the best considering the efficiency and easy of operating the system. Experts from Mosquito Squad will help you install the system and if it needs to be refilled just contact them. Here are some of the advantages of the automatic misting systems.

• Releases a 30-second spray 2-4 times daily (automatic).
• The remote control which gives you the power to control the number of sprays.
• The spray repels or kills mosquitoes in all areas treated.

3) Special Event Sprays
You may hold an event in your yard and you will surely not like the embarrassment when your guests are irritated by mosquito bites. The solution is a barrier spray which should be used 24-48 hours before the day of the event. The spray dries up within thirty minutes meaning there are no chances of it contaminating the food.

4) Mosquito Control Barrier Protection
It is Mosquito Squad’s most popular and most trusted spray protection program. Professionals from the control company apply the spray. It eliminates the insects on contact and continues to do the same for around three weeks. Whether or not it will reach three weeks depends on the different weather conditions. If you want to get optimum protection, ensure you apply the spray every 21 days. If you want to effectively control mosquitoes in your yard this is best way of doing it. Mosquitoes are not only a nuisance but also a means of spreading dangerous diseases. It is of utmost importance to eliminate them. Mosqutio Squad satisfied customers by offering the best pest control services in North America. The company still has the same values and looks towards improving its services to ensure all clients are contented.