A Few Reasons to Consider Osteopathic Medicine for Your Health

Osteopathy can be an important part of your health care, and it has worked for many people. The chief reason for this is that it brings to bear a wide range of bodily functions into a single, holistic approach to your health. The following are only a few ways osteopathic medical care can improve your health.

Osteopaths can help with problems in movement

Osteopathy has at its focus problems that are associated with the movement of your body. This includes a variety of ailments that exist due to the movement or lack of movement in your body. Obviously your skeletal system and muscles are included, but also the tissues that connect bones to muscles. Problems that arise concerning the circulation of blood can be addressed when it is an issue related to the movement, or lack of movement, in your body. The health of certain internal organs can also treated by osteopathic medicine.

Osteopaths provide a hands on diagnosis

If you are experiencing pain, an osteopath will diagnose the source of the pain first. This is done in a hands on manner by moving your joints and muscles to locate the exact point of the pain. Once the location is known, an osteopath, with their education and experience with the skeletal system, can diagnose the cause of the problem. After this is done, a treatment can be formulated.

Osteopaths can often provide pain relief without medication

Although medication may be a part of treating your problem, this is likely already addressed from a previous visit to your physician. An osteopathic doctor can provide alternative treatments that can give relief from pain without drugs. This can be through various exercises and stretching of the muscles, to name only two possibilities. For example, if you have lower back pain due to a herniated disc, a specific stretching exercise for that vertebra can bring immediate relief. This stretching movement can be taught to you, so you can bring pain relief with taking any drugs.

Osteopaths can bring long-term pain relief with exercise

After a diagnosis, an osteopathic doctor can create an exercise program that will bring long-term relief from pain that will complement certain stretching techniques. Everyone knows that exercise can bring health benefits, but what many people do not know is the exercise can be unhealthy as well. One example might be jogging. Although it sounds great, the impact of running can make an individual’s health worse if they have a lower back problem. An osteopath can help with custom made exercises that will not only be healthy for you, but will bring a reduction, and even an elimination, of your pain.

Osteopaths can bring relief for stubborn health problems

Health problems with origins that seem to defy a traditional diagnosis are often connected to your skeletal and muscle systems. Headaches are a good example. If you have suffered from headaches with only limited relief from medication, it is entirely possible that the source of the headache is in your muscles or movement of your joints. Osteopaths have been able to provide pain relief from headaches when more traditional attempts have failed.

Because exercise is a common component to helping patients and Pilate exercises are the specific exercise most common to those prescribed by osteopaths, the two facilities are often found in close proximity. Sometimes they even merged to form one holistic clinic for your health. A Melbourne osteopath clinic of this type may be located near you.