How Long to Wait With a Mild Toothache Before Visiting the Dentist

Have you noticed recently that you’re experiencing a toothache? If the pain is intense and unbearable then it is likely to be a dental emergency and you should call and head over to the dentist right away. However if it is mild enough that you can bear it then you may wonder how long you should wait before visiting the dentist.

The fact of the matter is that until you actually see the dentist there is no way to fully identify the cause of the pain that you’re experiencing. Because of that it is a case of ‘sooner is better’. In short the sooner you’re able to visit the dentist and get checked up, the sooner you’ll be able to identify what is causing your toothache and deal with it.

Generally there are several different things that could be behind your toothache, including an infection, gum disease, cavity or cracked tooth. However it could also be due to excessive grinding of your teeth or an external injury.

The reason why it is important to identify the source of the toothache as soon as you can is because early treatment is often helpful for many of those conditions. If you have gum disease, an infection or a cavity then catching it early can help to prevent further damage to your teeth and gums.

That being said you don’t need to rush to the dentist if the pain is bearable, which is why normally it is recommended that you call within the first 24 hours and advise your dentist of your situation. Once you do they’ll be able to recommend a time when it is best for you to visit for a checkup – though it probably won’t be any more than a few days.

If the pain begins to intensify at any point and eventually does become unbearable, then you will want to visit the dentist as soon as it does. On the other hand if the toothache disappears completely you should still keep your appointment and get checked up regardless.

Getting help from dentists in Cheltenham in a timely fashion could not only save you from any unnecessary pain, but will stave off further complications arising from whatever is causing your toothache. In short be sure to act fast and don’t just brush it off as something that you can do at some other time.